Who We Are

Award Winning is what We Do Best

Many moons ago, Producer/Writer Linda Corley and Photographer/Editor Joel Kaplan met and began collaborating on a multitude of national projects for Public Television. The team produced cooking shows, a lifestyle series, short films and highly acclaimed documentaries, taking the duo around the world and back again. From the depths of Japan’s verdant bamboo forests to the dazzling beaches of Brazil, the two worked in concert to produce award-winning broadcast productions. Seventeen Emmy awards later, Kaplan and Corley decided it was time to “really talk” about their new vision—a daydream, you could say. The result is the creation of a boutique production company, Daydream Productions, where their combined talents and experience offer authentic, quality video for their clients’ brands.

Meet Producer & Writer Linda CorleyMeet Director of Photography Joel Kaplan

Daydream Productions. Endless Possibilities.

At Daydream Productions, we truly believe the sky is the limit. Walt Disney said, “if you can dream it, you can do it.” In a nutshell, that’s our philosophy, too. Creating your vision, your dream video that exceeds the goals and expectations of your company is our specialty. Memorable, meaningful and monumental are just a few of the words we hope to inspire when it comes to videos we custom-tailor for your company.

We understand our clients all have a specific audience, each with different tastes and requirements. Our storytelling techniques, combined with award-winning photography and exceptional editing, communicate an engaging conversation with your audience.

Whether our team is producing a compelling corporate video, writing a best-selling blog or creating a captivating fundraising narrative, the end result is always filled with original and powerful content, an inevitable result of the collective and invaluable experience that is the signature of Daydream Productions.

We Are A Video Production Company, Offering A Range Of Capabilities:




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Medical Education

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Video for Social Media

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