Behind the Headlines

A week after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy, we met a young MSD student at the memorial park in Parkland. The meeting was more than a coincidence. We were at the park that day to see if we could help a student and Darian was the student who needed our help. We learned he wanted to create a student film but was dealing with a lack of equipment and production experience. Daydream Productions stepped in and donated equipment as well as provided advice and pointers on filmmaking and storytelling. We firmly believed in the message of his film and wanted to help him share his strong beliefs with a wide audience of his peers. His message? Hope!

You see, after the tragedy Darian sprung into action to comfort, console and convince his fellow students that they would heal and become strong again. His plan was to make a film called Behind the Headlines that would capture all of the notable and impressive attributes of his high school and beloved community. His film not only reminds his fellow students about the greatness of their school, but sends a message to the world that the student body of Marjory Stoneman Douglas contains a tenacious spirit and undefeated soul that goes behind the headlines.

Daydream Productions decided to be part of Darian’s filmmaking journey as we spent our Saturdays with him, shooting behind the scenes of his production. We watched as he brought in fellow survivors who helped him with his artistic endeavor, enriching their lives with positivity and passion, which often occurs in the creative process.

Darian’s film Behind The Headlines was an Official Selection for the 2018 All American High School Film Festival!

Please take a moment to watch our five minute story that honors one of the unsung heroes of the MSD tragedy who is truly an ambassador of optimism.